Foods that protect teeth and gums

We can all name the foods that harm our teeth, but what about the beneficial ones?

Chocolate, fizzy drinks, sticky sweets… we all know what foods to avoid when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene and preventing cavities. But the good news is that there are actually some good foods out there that work to protect our teeth and gums. Try implementing these items into your diet for a truly healthy smile:

Green Tea
This herbal beverage contains a very potent antioxidant substance called catechins, which kills the bacteria in your mouth that would otherwise turn sugar into plaque. It also wipes out bacteria which causes bad-breath. Consume green tea both hot, cold or in certain foods.

Now you have an excuse to eat yummy, but otherwise fattening cheese. Just watch your portion sizes. Studies reveal that the low carb, high calcium phosphate content provides numerous benefits for teeth. It preserves and regenerates tooth enamel, while simultaneously killing off bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities. It also produces much needed saliva.

Kiwi Fruit
If you don’t get enough vitamin C, the collagen network in your gums will start to deteriorate. Therefore, your gums become softer and more susceptible to disease-causing bacteria. One kiwi fruit serving alone will go beyond satisfying your recommended vitamin C daily intake.

Good ol’ H20 keeps your mouth and gums hydrated. It’s also one of the best avenues for stimulating saliva which is the ultimate defence against plaque and cavity causing bacteria. Drinking a humble glass of water also works to wash away trapped food. Nutritionists recommend that you drink eight glasses of water a day to maintain normal bodily function.

Celery aids in protecting your teeth in two ways. Firstly, it requires extra chewing so you’re going to produce increased amounts of saliva to ward off nasty bacteria. Secondly, it has a naturally abrasive food surface which will help massage gums while cleaning between your teeth at the same time when chomped on.

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