Toothbrush uses beyond your teeth

Dentists recommend we change our toothbrushes approximately every three months in order to maintain proper dental hygiene[i]. Bristles fray, they lose shape and bacteria can thrive as worn out bristles become a breeding ground for germs. Ultimately, you’re no longer getting an efficient clean from a worn out brush. But just because it’s replacement time doesn’t mean it’s garbage bin time!

Here are five top ways you can reuse your old toothbrush around the house. Just make sure thoroughly sanitise it first by soaking the toothbrush in a bleach solution to eradicate any germs. It’s also a good idea to mark it with a permanent sharpie so you don’t mistake it as your current toothbrush.

Household Cleaning
Toothbrushes are great for removing dirt and grime in showers. They’re also perfect for cleaning around the kitchen sink; including taps and sealants. When combined with toothpaste, they will even remove crayon on drawn on walls and doors. If you dread the every now and then window clean, then toothbrushes are essential for cleaning runners, pane corners and other dirt-attracting gaps.

Electronic assistance
When your keyboard and monitor are in need of a clean, a humble toothbrush can make cleaning a lot easier. If you don’t have a solder, an old toothbrush can be used to de-solder electronic components.

In the kitchen
Toothbrushes are handy when it comes time to scrubbing dirt off potatoes and pumpkins. They’re also great for cleaning the cheese grater; a job we all loathe. Surprisingly, toothbrushes are excellent at cleaning silverware since they have a knack for reaching the crevices where stubborn food stays.

Sprucing up your goods
Toothbrushes bring life back into your shoes and jewellery. They’re great for removing mud off soiled shoes; though you’ll need to throw the toothbrush out after doing so. In terms of polishing your jewellery, add a little toothpaste and your gold and silver will shine very nicely again.

Cosmetic uses
Toothbrushes can be used to clean your nails after gardening or as a back scratcher. They can clean between your hair combs, tame unruly eyebrows or clean the wire-mesh inside hair dryers.

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